We help our clients strengthen their
competitive edge, while managing risks

Indicative offerings include:

  • Business plan
  • Product Positioning
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Investment Opportunities Evaluation

Strategy Overview

We consider strategy as the cornerstone of corporate advancement. At Upturn, we work closely with our clients to formulate, revisit or align the business strategy in order to set direction and priorities. We strive for our clients to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the business environment and strengthen the position and the competitive edge, while managing the risks.

Through Strategic Planning, we focus on key attributes that characterize successful organizations. We challenge our clients’ perspective and facilitate the planning process. Our aim is to define the long-term strategic goals and identify specific initiatives that will lead the organization towards these goals.

Each project is a unique case for us and we customize our approach to best address the case. We bring on board best practices, matrices and operational models and capitalize on experience from other cases. Indicative examples of work include rethinking of product and service offerings, redesigning products and related processes for cost efficiency reasons, starting up businesses or new business units, re-positioning business units due to changes in the environment.

We develop Business Plans for business ventures and new opportunities. We assist the entrepreneur in defining the product, the pricing and cost structure, the channels of distribution, the positioning and all the components necessary for a successful design and implementation. We conduct financial analysis and confirm the profitability of the project. We identify potential risks and take them into account when developing the roadmaps. We support the project owner until he reaches the targeted results and provide alternatives when adjustments are required to the original plan.

Upturn also assists clients in identifying opportunities for strategic alliances. We structure offerings, participate in negotiations and facilitate the closings. Indicative work includes joint product offerings as turn-key solutions, negotiating and establishing strategic partnerships.