Planning, Development and Financing
of Renewable Energy Projects

Looking for:

  • assistance in selecting the right investment for you?
  • Turn-key solution?

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Energy Investments Overview

UPTURN is active in the Renewable Energy sector since 2007, providing expert advice on all commercial & financial issues.

Project development, management and financing services are the core areas of our expertise. Through the extensive experience of our team and our international partnerships in financial and commercial sectors, Upturn assists you in securing the necessary components for a successful investment.

We provide:

  • Investment analysis, planning, & optimization based on the investor’s profile
  • Bankable project structuring & financial modeling
  • Management of the project development lifecycle
  • Advisory services in site evaluation and selection, legal, tax and financial planning matters
  • Commercial planning and implementation design
  • Sourcing of equity and debt capital internationally
  • Conduct of negotiations with investors and banks
  • Evaluation, selection and control of project sub-contractors and partners during project development and operation
  • Facilitation in commercial management, ownership transfer, sale
  • Monitoring throughout the project lifecycle

If you are investing in the renewable energy sector we can assist you in structuring the right investment for you and support you until it is successfully implemented. Our strong background in project development, structuring and financing ensures the successful deployment of your investment.